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One-hour sessions are available for clients or care givers who may want to choose to focus on a particular module from the 6-week program. Individual sessions are also available to discuss other cancer concerns.

Stress Management

Nature & Spirituality





As your cancer coach I will help you to take small steps towards accomplishing your health and wellbeing goals. I will encourage and support you, with your efforts, but you will always be in control. I will provide education and explore tools that will “fill in gaps” you may be experiencing with your current treatment plan.

We will establish a collaborative partnership to heal and nourish, during your quest to navigate through your personal journey of Living Well with Cancer.


Learn techniques to aid in reducing stress and anxiety that improve and enhance the mind-body connection. Establish new coping skills.



Adopt various strategies for achieving quality sleep and identify different approaches to other self-care needs, including movement.




Create an individual plan rich in nourishing foods that contain cancer-fighting properties to support the immune system and reduce inflammation.




Discover the benefits of nature and the outdoors and its connection to spiritual beliefs and healing.




Explore how each of your senses can contribute to decreasing stress and improving well-being.




Develop communication skills for talking to loved ones and health care professionals about diagnoses and treatment plans. Improve relationships with loved ones and social connections.


Schedule A Discovery Call

Schedule a 30-minute, complimentary call to discover how your individual needs can be met with my cancer coaching.

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